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If you’re returning from completing one of the steps below – thanks so much for your donation!  Go ahead and proceed to the next step below…

Step 1 (Optional) – Send a clean elections $5 Donation

Navigate to the to AZ Secretary of State’s Website to donate $5 online for clean elections.  Once the payment is complete, return to this page and you can move on to step 2.

Step 2 (Optional) – Contribute directly to the campaign

Donate via the form below.  This is a separate donation, and individuals can contribute up to a maximum of $160.  Once payment is complete, you will again be returned to this page.  Don’t forget to complete #3 below when you return…

Step 3 – E Sign

Navigate to the AZ Secretary of State’s Website to e-sign a petition to support my candidacy.  Your signature will go a long ways to helping me meet requirements to be included on the ballot.


Diane Douglas is running a clean campaign, therefore corporate contributions are prohibited. Please include your address, phone, employer and occupation for general campaign purposes and campaign finance law compliance. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes.